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Une arrivée bien fragrante!

Published: July 4, 2017

Among the myriad proverbs from the French-speaking world, there’s one from Senegal that seemed particularly apt today, a proverb in the Wolof language: Ciin bu naree neex, subaxee xeeñ. It translates roughly to, “If the sauce is going to be good, you’ll know it when the smell comes out of the pot.” As we welcome three new groups of villagers today here at Lac du Bois, we can smell the fragrant aromas of the session -- and this session is going to be AWESOME! We saw villagers arrive from near and from far, bringing with them their energy, their friendliness, their courage to walk into the unknown, their curiosity, their spark. We can tell: we are in for a truly magical couple of weeks!

We’ve got a few sessions running concurrently -- our four-week fonceur program, wherein villagers earn a year’s worth of high-school credit. (The program takes its name from the verb foncer, meaning to go forth boldly, to dive deep.) We also have our one-week and two-week villagers here, whose programming you’ll hear more about soon. And lastly, our new credit abroad program has also arrived -- they’ll spend two weeks here with us on site before heading on a voyage for two weeks in France and Belgium, including staying with host families.  Camp is bourdonnant (buzzing) with life!

Soon we’ll have some photos up of each cabin -- in the meantime, please enjoy the photos below. (While it’s possible to flick through some of them here, if you click the album and find your way to our Flickr page, there are even more!) There are so many smiling faces; hopefully they make you smile as well. We can’t wait to share this week with you. 

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Les Blogueuses 

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